Here at JDE Research - we are just getting started!

Fresh off a couple years of heads-down Migrations, ten years as an Independent force and ten-plus years buried in the JDE foray - we're putting together some tools, utilities and insightful documentation - that will make your users less reliable on IT Resources and more reliant on the EnterpriseOne product as a whole.

Initially, I'll be rolling out a QWKR Financial Tools.  For those that are familiar with World FASTRs - you'll be saying a great big THANK YOU!   The initial product won't have definable rows and all the Column Wiz-Bangs, but will level-break to any breaking point you can imagine.  Phase two of the product will incorporate fully definable columns / rows with Calculation functionality! 

Soon to follow the QWKR Payroll Tools, We'll provide the same logic and discipline to the Payroll area.  Instead of users asking Development to build those Custom PDBA Reports - the users will define their columns, the calculations between columns and the level breaks.

Be expecting EnterpriseOne Enhancements, Custom Reports, Plug-Ins and some Core Troubleshooting Suggestions!  Ten years of Retrofits, Enhancements and Validation has taught a lot!  Now it's time to Check-In that knowledge, Build it into a pretty Package and Deploy it out to the EnterpriseOne Community!

More to come - as we finish putting this thing together!  If you have a Reporting or Enhancement Suggestions - Please make that suggestion!