QWKR Reporting Tools

In JD Edwards World - there is a Financial Report Writer called the World FASTR.  The World FASTR allows users to create fully-customized Financial Reports - without the interference of Developers!. 

Currently, in Oracle/JDE EnterpriseOne - there is no such tool, nor is there an easy means for Non-Developers to easily maintain their own Reports.  That's all going to change!

Introducing, the QWKR Reporting Tools:

With the QWKR Financial Reporting Tool, Users will be able to Define: 
  • Data Selection 
    • Via Processing Options
    • Via UBE Version
  • Sequencing / Level Breaking (Normal Version Process)
  • User Editable Report Headings
    • Report Headings are Stored in a Table
  • User Editable Column Headers
    • Headings are Stored in Table
    • Two Line Headers
  • Column Definitions
    • Through Data Selection (Company, Business Unit, Cat Codes...)
    • Ledger Type (Each Column can have a different ledger type)
    • Financial Function (AB, IC, IC, PA, YY - All 21 of them).  

QWKR will be further expanded in HR/Payroll and other areas of your EnterpriseOne Asset.  In one tiny umbrella, you can provide your users a very easy way to slice their data and look at it every which way!  Giving your users the opportunity to report their data without involving the IT Middlemen!
Move forward to your Migration from World to EnterpriseOne ... the users have ... nothing!  OK, they become reliant on IT and the Developers to build, enhance and format their reporting process.  

Daniel Bohner,
Feb 24, 2011, 2:32 PM