QWKR Financial Columns

The QWKR Financial Columns Tool allows the 'User', not the Developer, to quickly define the columns of their Financial reports.  The users configures the columns, then runs the configurations against pre-defined Financial templates.  The templates contain the Level Break and or Level of Detail requirements and the QWKR engine allows the columns to be dynamically delivered across the report.

With the QWKR Financial Columns, the product includes Predefined Financial Smart Columns, Calculated Columns, Offsets and additional Data Selection logic:
  • Column Calculations
  • Column Summations (with and without aggregates)
  • Header Offsets 
    • PA:-1 = Period Number - 1 Month
    • PA:+3 = Period Number + 3 Months
  • Additional Column Automation
  • Any Column Configuration that could be defined in a World FASTR, and then some!
QWKR Financial Columns gives your users a quick and dirty way to modify the standard JDE Financial Report process (Yes, it is a Financial Report - under the guts).  Once your users have a chance to play with the added abilities of the Financial Columns - you won't be able to pry it from them!