QWKR Financial Rows

Move forward to your Migration from World to EnterpriseOne and Reporting ... the users have ... nothing!  OK, they become reliant on IT and the Developers to build, enhance and format their reporting process.  

QWKR Rows will remedy this situation.  Working off the base JDE World process - QWKR has the building  blocks of the FASTR design within the QWKR tool!  With Transparency being the key, the QWKR plug-in can have your users running their legacy World FASTRs (yes, the actual FASTR) as QWKRs shortly after its installation - and with very little training...

With the QWKR Financial Rows, the tool is rounded into a complete FASTR Replacement!  Updated logic includes all the QWKR Column processing and allows the user to complete:
  • Row Descriptions 
  • Rows Definitions (by Company, Business Units, Category Codes)
  • Row Calculations 
  • Definable Level Breaks (Company, Business Unit, Category Code....)
For CoExistent Organizations - what if you had the ability to Create a FASTR in World and Run that Same Report as a QWKR in EnterpriseOne - simultaneously?

Our goal, once completed, is to make the transition from FASTR to QWKR as seamless as possible!  The transition from World to EnterpriseOne, from a FASTR vs QWKR standpoint - will no longer be an issue.