QWKR Financial Preview

The QWKR Preview is a 'work in progress' - that will allow customers to familiarize themselves with the QWKR Concept of Reporting Tools and start to leverage their EnterpriseOne Reporting from a "Developer" playground to a User Defined Playground.

The Preview will be a Buy-In concept - where your organization, for a mere $200, purchase the base Objects,  Documentation of Fundamentals of the QWKR Ideology!  The Purchase Price can be used as credit on future JDE Research Tools - whether your organization choses to upgrade to the fuller products of QWKR Columns, QWKR Rows or any that JDE Research releases.  Additionally, that Buy-in to the QWKR Preview grants an additional 10% toward all future JDE Research Purchase.

We've engineered the term "Buy-In Concept" to mean - The QWKR Preview product will 'always' be a work in progress.  
  • As owners identify issues - JDE Research will resolve and provide the patch to the community.  
  • As owners suggest enhancements - JDE Research will identify the need and incorporate. 
  • As owners request on-off's - JDE Research will provide those on-offs to all owners.

When available for purchase, you will be provided:
  • Access to the QWKR Preview Download Page at JDE Research
  • Access to all QWKR Preview Updates (forever)
  • Full Source Code (all code is 100% NATIVE JDE EnterpriseOne)
  • Access to the QWKR Preview 'Groups' at ExistingLight
  • Forum Support - via QWKR Preview Groups
  • QWKR Documentation  (and some additional tricks to go with)
  • $200 (USD) Credit toward your next JDE Research Purchase

I need to wait for some 'approvals' from Oracle, before I can release the tool.  If your organization wants to know more - I encourage you to contact us!

Don't be afraid of the EULA - it is, simply, an agreement 'not' to create your own "for sale" products, based on the source code you obtain and additional support understandings.