Data Selection Lists

Recently, there have been a few discussions about 'User Editable Data Selection Lists' on the JDEList.Com site.   Apparently, most Developers (and Users) have not heard of the List File concept, and a few more won't understand the concept (or the possibilities).  That said, I'll try to present an extremely simple illustration.  Let's see if the concept can catch fire?

For Commentary, Please use the term 'Data Selection List', whenever you discuss the following Tip - chances are, you heard about it here FIRST, anyway!

User Request:  User wants to be able to submit a pre-defined list of Business Units.  The A list would consist of Business Units 1 - 10, the B list would consist of Business Units 20 - 40 and C would consist of 1 - 40.  User does NOT want a version for each list AND wants to be able to edit and submit the List via an application.

So, Here Goes - in an Eleven Step process (you should be able to build this example in less than ninety minutes!

Step One - Create the List Table
For simplicity, my example uses EV01 and MCU, only.  Note that both fields are the Primary Key.

Step Two - Create the Edit Application's Business View

Step Three - Create The Data Selection List Application
Notice that I renamed EV01 to Query List.  This will be the Data Selection 'Key' for the Editable List.

Step Four -  Enter the Data into the Application

Step Five - Create the Report's Business View
Notice - the Cost Center from the 'List Table' is linked to the Cost Center in the 'Data Table'.

Step Six - Create the Report
For the example - I'm being as simplified as possible

Step Seven - Create the Report Data Structure

Step Eight - Report Interconnect Based Data Selection

Step Nine - The Submission Application

Step Ten - Submitting The Report with Interconnects

Step Eleven - Submit the Report with User Data Lists

Now, you probably haven't realized all the places this example could be mined into.  
 - Let's say you have a giant list of different reports, that all use the same list(s) of Business Units, Companies or...  If you keep a 'Master Data Selection List File', as was just built, you can simply append the Data Selection List to the existing Business Views - then run the reports based on List A, B, C... X or any set of Data Selection based on the lists.  Financial Reporting just got easier!
 - Imagine maintaining a list, rather than having to touch a couple hundred Versions, every time a new Business Unit, Company or PDBA is created!
 - Let's say you want to 'Group' PDBA's - that are grossly out of sequence.  You could group them by List Identifier, then Level Break on the List Identifier instead of sequencing and breaking on PDBA 
 - Let's say you want to group a set of Category Codes and have them total.  Sequence by List Identifier and Category Code - and you now have the 'Total' for the Group.

This example was for simplicity.  The List identifier (key) could be tied to multiple keys (Report / Version, User ID or....) - it doesn't have to be EV01.

Anyone have some more suggestions?