BSVW Switcharoo

One of the banes of JD Edwards / EnterpriseOne is the inability to 'simply' switch one BusinessView for Another using the Development Tools.

Some time ago, the Great Oracle created a process that makes most of the Object Librarian Objects 'Portable'.  We can, now, Open OMW, place an Object in a Project, Press the 'Save' button and retain a 'Portable ' .par file - which allows us to either Restore the Object or take the object with us to another installation.

However, Oracle wasn't really forthright about the .par file.  Buried in their lack of released information are some really nice tricks, and they aren't showing us much.  One of the items that Oracle glossed over is that a .par is really a .zip.  Also - the files embedded within that portable file are non-compliant XML (I mean, they are not formatted).

So, you want to replace a BSVW on a very complex report, you simply want to append a couple columns to the end of the Vanilla Business View.  However, Company Policy says Absolutely Not!  Everyone that has tried switching the BSVW, will share that it is risky (ok, it can be crazy).

So, you want to know the quickest and easiest way to switcharoo a business view - in about ten minutes

This example assumes that you have Notepad++ and Beyond Compare installed on your Development Machine (don't leave home without them!)

Make an EXACT copy of the Busines View you are replacing.  Do not modify it, prior to the switcharoo. 
I copied V55THISA to V55THISZ and made No Changes

Check-out the object you want to make the switch to
For whatever reason, I always have better luck when the object is checked-out

Review which BSVW is in the UBE

Save the Object to a .par

Click YES!

In the designated save folder - you will have a new .par file
Rename the .par to .zip
Export the .zip - Using Windows Explorer (not winzip or other tools)
Now, you'll have a Windows Folder that looks like the Zip Archive
Inside the new Windows folder is another Zipped Archive - unzip it, too.

Not it will appear as-if there are two specs folders (windows and zip/archive)

Inside the specs folder is an RDASPEC folder.  Since our example is a UBE - we are looking into the RDASPEC Folder.  Click Into It.

Open the first XML file, using Notepad ++.  N++ does not do some of the translation that Wordpad, Notepad and other editors attempt

Inside Notepad++, hit Search, then REPLACE

Note the Tab, in the below screenshot (Find in Files).  Also - make sure you get the spelling and path 'exactly' right.

Confirm you want to Replace.

When complete, you will get a message detailing how many occurrences were resolved.

Exit Notepad++ and go back up a couple folders - to where the Windows Folder is next to the zip/archive.  Right-click and select the 'Select Left Folder for Compare'

Then right-click the zip/archive and select the 'compare to "UBE...."' option

Scooter Software's Beyond Compare will open - with Windows Folder on one side and the zip/archive on the other.  Set the "specs" folders as the "base folder" for both panes.

Now you can directly compare the changed XML objects in the Windows Folder against Original objects in the zip/archive.

 Copy the Changed XML, replacing the Original XML.

Rename the .zip to .par

RESTORE the .par file into EnterpriseOne

Say that you want to proceed (if you are very brave !)

Tell it which par you want to restore from

If all went well, you have switcheroo'd you Business View.

and... you are done~