Reviews - JDETips Accelerated Developer

Shortly after Collaborate '12, I received the opportunity to review the JDETips Training Guide, Accelerated Developer.

Let me start by saying something very genuine - If you are new to JDE EnterpriseOne Development, this should be your first purchase!  The publication provides knowledge to EVERYTHING you will learn in an Oracle Education course - and 80% (or better) of the knowledge you will learn in a dozen years of head-down development!

I find myself calling it a publication, not a guide, manual or... I settle on Publication, because it can be used as a reference, a training guide, a manual and, even, a nice thick door stop!  

The publication is thorough!  There are very few aspects of Development that are not covered - and Developers would only learn those aspects through experience.  

If there is a downside, its the price.  HOWEVER, consider the cost of Oracle Education AND that you only have the training resource for a week.  This publication is in-dept and covers a much broader spans of Development than I had received from the JDE Education Many Years Ago.  Additionally - the Publication can be in a Shared Library at the office - and not stuck in one trainee's brain as a single point of reference.

The Table of Contents can be found at:

A Sample is provided at:

Remember, you can always have Hands-On Training with JDE Tips:

With all that said - JDE Tips / Klee Associates' Accelerated Developer / EnterpriseOne 9.0 is an excellent resource!