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Read Only Reports

Not Long ago, I copied a 'working' report, and I didn't pay attention to the notification that I was 'Copying an Update Report' to be a Read Only report.  I didn't think it would matter, since the report I was duplicating did not update any data.

Almost immediately, I realized something was headed south.  Conceptually, If you copy a UBE and it's Processing Options - and make no other changes, the report should run exactly the same.  I wan't getting any data and my duplicated report had quickly a wrecked mess.

I turned on Debug to see what was occurring, that might be causing the report to fail.  I spied a log stating
  • JDB9910006 - Read Only Report, Fetch for update not executed 
  • JDB9910020 - Read Only Report, Insert not executed 
Then it dawned on me.  Simple functions read/update file based data all the time.  The everyday use of function X00022 to retrieve a Unique ID failed - the function reads the current number in the table, increments that number, then attempts to write the updated value into the table.  Because the UBE/Report was flagged as Read Only - the attempt to update the Unique Number failed (as well as all other functions that fetch for update or attempted to update peripheral values).

Going Forward, I have a new quandary, not so much whether to flag all reports as Update Reports - but, how to identify if a Read Only report can really be claimed as a Read-Only report.