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E1 Standalone 9.1 Update 2

The following are the chicken-scratch notes for the 9.1 Update 2 Standalone.  If you come across errors or omissions - let me know, I'll fix them so we all have a nice template.
Expect about four hours - if all goes well =D

In the example - we are using Windows 7 Enterprise 90 Day Eval, which is downloaded from Microsoft's download / evaluation center

You may, alternately - want to use:

So - here we go!

Oracle Virtual Box

90 Day Eval - Windows 7 Download from Microsoft (while it lasts)


  • Create a Virtual Box with 75gb of space, if you can

    • W7, Visual Studio, Oracle 32, Oracle 64, E1 Data and E1 Installation – take a chunk of space

  • Install the downloaded W7 Enterprise, take all defaults

  • Install the “Guest Additions” – your life will be easier

  • Install Visual Studio 2008 or 2010 – if you have it (some evaluation version on the web)

  • Turn off Windows Firewall, Window Defender and UAC

    • Start, type UAC and place the bar all the way to the bottom

  • Do Not Take Any Windows Updates that exceed Internet Explorer 10 (11 will kill you)

Download Oracle 32 Bit Database (yes, 32 bit) and EnterpriseOne 9.1 Update 2

Explode the Zip into its own folder (\Standalone\Oracle32)

 Next – Download the E1 Standalone Update 2 from eDelivery

Extract V40142, V40142 & V40188 into \E1Standalone\Install\

Extract V40144 and V41045 into \E1Standalone\Install\ThirdParty\Oracle

  • It is important that you place the Database Install in the \Oracle Folder (I missed this, and figuring it out took me too long to share)

Inside  \E1Standalone\Oracle32\, Right-Click 'Setup.exe' and run as Administrator, and Install Oracle 32 bit database
Inside  \E1Standalone\Install\, Right-Click 'InstallManager.exe' and run as Administrator

Select EnterpriseOne Data Engine - this will install the 64bit Oracle Database, and all the Demo Data
  • If nothing happens, when you select - double-check that V40144 and V41045 are in the proper folder (look above)
Reboot, when told
Select EnterpriseOne E910 Standalone Client - and take all defaults

Last thing – Copy tnsnames.ora from Install to Oracle DBs

1.       Copy the tnsnames.ora:

  • from: \Standalone_9.10\client\tnsnames.ora
  • to: <64-bit Oracle Database Install Dir>\network\admin
  • For example:
  • c:\Oracle\E1Local\network\admin

2.       Copy the tnsnames.ora:

  • from: \Standalone_9.10\client\tnsnames.ora
  • to: <32-bit Oracle Client Install Dir>\network\admin
  • For example:
  • c:\Oracle\product\11.2.0\client_1\network\admin
Last thing – Copy tnsnames.ora from Install to Oracle DBs