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SubForm Processing Options

I was so falling in love with SubForms (actually, I still really like them!)

Recently I created a SubForm Application with click-able columns in the SubForm. When a user would click on a cell within the subform grid, a form interconnect would open a third form.

Things were going just peachie - till the client asked that the Version of the Interconnected forms be maintained through Processing Options of the Parent.

I adjusted the SubFrom's Click-able columns to use the Parent's Processing Options - and I thought I was done. Then, I tested on the local web - and WEB-EXCEPTION. For the life of me - WTHeck!

I had to treat the Processing Option as a Value to-be passed into the Subform like any other passed SubForm Interconnect:
  • In the Parent, Create an SI Version variable
  • In the SubFrom, Create a Version value in the Data Structure
  • In the SubForm, Create an FC Version (to pass the Interconnect to - just moddeling)
  • In the Logical Hierarchy, move the Parent PO Value to the Data Structure
  • Now, the Passed In value is available to the Form Interconnect

Fun - NOT!

Why does a SubForm allow for the PO Values to even be present in the ER, if the PO Values are not passed from the Parent to the SubForm???

Anyway - now, we all know there is a SubForm Processing Option CURSE (or at lease a bit of CURSING from those of us that don't realize the issue, initially).