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Table Describe Errors

Have you ever gotten one of these, in your JDE.LOG:
ODB0000027 - JDBODBC_DescribeTable failed. Table F55FILE.
Generally, the Describe Errors occur due to one of a few reasons:
  • The table has not been generated on the server (or within the environment the process is logged into)
    • Verify the table exists, either through SQL or physically looking at the database
    • If it is not there - Generate It.  
  • The Specifications for the table where the process is running, differ from the actual table.
    • If the developer has added, modified or deleted a column to the table 'since' it was last generated, then the specs are different - and, thus, the error message
    • Make sure the 'client' has the latest specification (has accepted all package builds?)
    • If the specs are correct, but the table is out-dated, work with the developer or DBA to save the old data, generate the table, then copy the data back into the new format
  • OCM is not pointing to the right location
    • The issue could occur because the table is supposed to be shared across all environments - and OCM is not pointing from each environment to the target location
These are a couple of the Table Describe Errors that are fairly common.  If I'm missing one that you've come across - Comment about it, and I'll update the sheet.